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Author Archives: westend

Number Bonds to 10

This term, we have been using a range of maths resources to help us remember our number bonds to 10. We have used tens frames, bar models, counting sticks and part whole models. We can now recall them from memory!

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In Year 1, we became paleontologists! We had to carefully excavate the dinosaur fossils using tools. The fossils were very delicate because they are millions of years old. Some of us would love to be paleontologists when were are older!

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In Year 1, we have been partitioning two digit numbers using base 10 blocks. We can now identify numbers from pictorial representation of the base 10 blocks by counting the tens and the ones.

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Measuring the Weather

Year 1 have been learning about weather. We will be measuring the weather using a rain gauge, thermometer, wind vane and an anemometer. We have put these outside on our school grounds so that we can check on them and record our findings in a weather chart.

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Wonderful Weather Cupcakes

This half-term in DT, we have been practising the skills to make a wonderful weather cupcake. We have added different delicious ingredients into the mixture to see which we liked the best. We chose chocolate chips for taste and food colouring for appearance.

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Bat and Ball Skills

This half-term, we have been developing our bat and ball skills. We started by controlling the ball on the floor with the bat and now we can control it on top of our bats.

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