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Weather Cupcakes

This term, we have been designing our own weather cupcakes. We have been practising all the skills we need to bake the most delicious cupcake. Our favourite part is checking the taste of our cupcakes!

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Victorian Seaside Holiday

This half-term, we have been learning about the Victorians and their seaside holidays. We have now started a project in our computing lessons to create our own Victorian seaside holiday photo-story. Our costumes made us look just like the Victorians but now we need to edit the colour of our photographs to make them look like they were taken a long time ago.

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Exciting Holiday!

In Year 1, we are going on an exciting holiday! We have chosen exotic locations to visit with adventurous activities to do. We can’t wait to write a postcard home to tell everyone about it.

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Dinosaur Fossils

This term, we have really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs. We have been working really hard in art to create our own dinosaur fossils out of of clay. We had to mould the clay really carefully to make it look real!

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Interesting Fossils

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Dinosaur Models

In Year 1, we have been practising the skills we need to create our own dinosaur model. We want to make our dinosaurs strong so we decided to use paper maché on top of a balloon to form the body. We can’t wait to finish our dinosaur models!


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Fantastic Start to the Year!

Year 1 have made a fantastic start to the year. We have been working on representing numbers 1-20 in a variety of ways and making sure we label them to check we have the right amount.

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Yorkshire Wildlife Park

This term, we have been learning all about animals. We visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park for our school trip and we has a fantastic time. We even held a cockroach and a tick insect!

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Exploring the school grounds

In Year 1, we explored the school grounds in the hope to find lots of wonderful minibeasts. We managed to find spiders, worms, ladybirds, ants beetles and bees. We are now going to plan, design and build our very own habitat to encourage more minibeasts to live on the school grounds.. but hopefully not in our classroom!

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Local church visit

Year 1 have recently been on a visit to the local church to find out from Father Robert why the church is so important to Christians. He also showed us some artefacts and explained what they are used for. We had a fantastic time and we walked really sensibly to the church.


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